Vogue Italia, 2017. Cordinated by Sara Maino.

26 year old Swedish artist, photographer and director Alexander Wessely is making a name for himself by pushing boundaries technically and creatively to create high impact visuals. Alex has portrayed and done creative consulting for some of the worlds biggest artists. In October 2015 he had his first solo art exhibition in Stockholm named Irreverent Youth. An abandoned waiting hall connected to a train station had been transformed into an guerrilla style art gallery. Not even media had been able to disclose the secret location and the interest was high to finally see the young creative’s first solo show. For only 3 hours the chosen guests had a chance to browse the exhibition. The show was sold out. Among other creative projects Alex is currently working on his second solo art exhibition. Name and date will soon be announced.

Hypebeast, 2019 by 

Purgatorium at Fotografiska Musuem. The exhibition will include 12 large-scale photographs and a film created by Alexander Wessely that will be projected on the walls. Altogether, the works will revolve around the themes of life, death, and Christian mysticism. View select works above and head over to Fotografiska’s website to learn more and secure tickets.

Anniversary Magazine, 2018 by Julie Siegemund.

Swedish photographer Alexander Wessely explores the symbiosis between conceptual fashion photography and classical Greek sculptures. Whilst his photography pays homage to the obscurity of Sweden’s winter nights, his recent project reaches back to his roots: Greece. Within both mediums, light and darkness bond together in a seamless circle, creating surreal silhouettes - sharp outlines of constructed form.

Schön, 2018 by Caitlin Donaldson.

Effortlessly bridging the gap between fashion and art photography, Wessely’s work has been featured in both international and local Swedish magazines and his subjects include the likes of Avicii, Drake, Rihanna and Pusha-T. Using innovative and groundbreaking techniques paired with black and white photography, Wessely creates an unmistakable aesthetic with an eye for capturing beauty in the different and the mundane. 

Odalisque Magazine, 2017. 

A new generation of postdigital artists and creatives are becoming prominent in the cultural world. The influential curator Hans Ulrich Obrist created the initiative concept “89Plus” that focus on the generation that are born in 1989 or thereafter and therefore have never known a world without the internet or digital tools. They move freely between disciplines and techniques and often present very tactile and physical works.

Stockholm based photographer, director and artist Alexander Wessely (b. 1989) fits into this category. His career has quickly established him in the international music and fashion industry, portraying names like Rihanna and Drake or shooting for Vogue Italia. His style is an digitally enhanced, raw black and white aesthetic that fits the contemporary world. His first show took place at a secret location and sold out within the first hour.