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Selected works

Purgatorium exhibition at Fotografiska Museum, 2019

Legacy and mortality, adversity and triumph. No matter what circumstances and conditions you happen to live with, you can’t escape the power of these forces. Wessely  presents the journey through his unique spectrum where the dark, the bizarre, and the graceful meet and visualises the journey through Purgatorium, meaning going through a tough and cleansing period that leads to development.

Corpus exhibition, 2017

For his second show “Corpus” he has taken the photograph one step further. With Greek roots, Wessely has looked back at the classical Greek sculpture for inspiration. Bodies of humans and animals are photographed in a studio, then sculptured backwards in decay in digital postproduction making them appear as antique remains. The work is then printed in 1:1 scale on metal and mounted on classical marble and steel in order to create a new type of sculpture. Most apparent is this in Hippos (Horse) which weighs a solid 650 kg and measures 2.8 x 2m. Through this metamorphosis Wessely sets the tone of our postdigital world and makes us look at the process of a sculpture in new angles.

CFHILL installation, 2019

Known for pushing the technical boundaries and working with contrasting materials Alexander have created a visual interpretation of composer Jacob Mühlrad’s musical piece ’Time’ using photography, sculpture and film to visualize infinity. Time (2018) deals with the subject of communication, by means of the story of the Tower of Babel, of which Jacob says that “it is a powerful metaphor, not least in our present time, when discussions transcending national borders are so vital.”The work begins with an adaptation of words from Psalm 19:

2050 personal project, 2019

Torso and hand of woman in marble dust and amethyst crystal.

Vieled woman, 2018